Gizzi's Dog Page

Hi everyone! I'm Gizzi.

April 24, 2007

Dad had to work today so I took advantage and pretty much lazed around the house. When dad got home we went for our twice daily walk and played with a ball for a bit. Dad's been feeding me some pretty good stuff... some natural foods. This stuff was called "Turduckey". It's part turkey, part duck, go figure. We've got an appointment to get me groomed soon so I'll show you how handsome I am!

First Time Meeting Dad - November 11, 2006


So, a little about me. I'm 5 years old. I'm a Pekingese. I own dad's house! I enjoy chasing anything round like my tennis balls and especially my Cuz. There's a "bad" Cuz and a "good" Cuz. I have a "good" one :) Dad takes me for walks a couple of times a day. I really enjoy sniffing for anything that is different. I'm pretty sure I have ADHD because I can't seem to focus on anything. Dad calls me "Silly" and "Happy" sometimes. For some reason, he looks at me and calls me "Buddy Boy"

I'm what dad calls a "rescue dog". It's true, dad did rescue me. I used to live in the Parish of Iberia in the state of Louisiana. If you heard me bark, you'd hear my southern drawl. My family down there couldn't take care of me anymore. I wasn't being groomed and was pretty much abandoned. A nice lady named Rocky took me in. She advertised me on a site called Lucky for me, dad found me. I didn't have any fur because Rocky had it shaved off. My old fur was all tangled and dirty so it was the only way to clean me up.

Dad had me transported from Louisiana to Biddeford, Maine. Dad came down to pick me up and bring me back to New Brunswick, Canada. It was November 11, 2006 - Remembrance Day. Dad says he'll always remember the day. I was pretty glad to meet dad. On our way home, dad stopped at Burger King and bought me a Whopper sandwich. He was worried that I didn't eat much on my way north from Louisiana. He was right! I did eat that burger and then he gave me some chicken strips...mmm I wish dad would take me there again.

March 25, 2007
Today Dad took me to the bark park. It was a pretty small park, dad's backyard is much larger. I preferred staying close to dad rather than running after my Cuz or my ball that I found at the park next to my house. I was pretty dirty because the ground was wet so I ended up getting a bath last night. I smell pretty good now!

March 27, 2007
I couldn't wait for Dad to get home. We went outside and he threw 'Cuz' around for a while. I ran and ran and ran; I had such a good time. I can hardly type this it's time for my nap... again!