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SMART Notebook 10 - Level 1

SMART Notebook Level 1 Full Day - On Site

Increase your effectiveness with Notebook collaborative learning software at a full-day professional development on site session.

What to Expect?

  • This session is led by a SMART Training Specialist who works with SMART products every day. By the end of this session, you’ll be comfortable using the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and Notebook software in your school
  • You will receive a Notebook software learner workbook that includes reference materials, step-by-step activities and review exercises. The workbook is used during the session and is an excellent future reference.
  • You will have time to ask questions and practice your skills under the guidance of the SMART Training Specialist.

The Module – agenda and content?

An on site training session includes morning and afternoon breaks, a one-hour lunch and the following distinct learning modules:
  • Getting Started: Learn about hardware components, how the SMART Board interactive whiteboard works and the basic principles of touch, write and save
  • Working with In Aware applications: Learn to write directly on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint software, and use these common applications with your SMART product
  • Basic Design in Notebook software: Add images and interactivity to lesson activities created in Notebook software 10. Learn how to maneuver through the software using tabs, toolbars and menus, and discover how to create properties, change properties and manipulate objects
  • Instructional design for interactive whiteboards: Learn design techniques for setting up lessons on an interactive whiteboard. Discover the advantages of interactive whiteboard over traditional and other digital instructional mediums
  • Additional resources: Find out how SMART supports you with a number of resources, including free training materials and an online community

Who Should Attend?

  • New users of SMART Board interactive whiteboards or Notebook software, and others who want an introduction to them
  • K-12 instructions, higher education instructors and corporate trainers

Customer Requirements

  • All participants should have basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows or Macintosh operating systems
  • A room that will comfortably hold 15 participants and an instructor
  • A front- or rear-projection SMART Board interactive whiteboard, Sympodium interactive pen display or SMART Board for Flat-Panel Displays interactive whiteboard
  • A Digital projector or plasma if using a SMART Board for Flat-Panel Display interactive whiteboard
  • Access to the Internet (recommended but not required)

The cost for this event is $179 USD.

We will be using this file for hands-on practice

Documentation for Notebook, Windows version

Documentation for Notebook, Mac version

A poster for guest teachers / custodians to protect your board

Some neat sites to use with the SMART Board

The Magic Bridge template

The Koosh Ball template

The Magic Magnifier

Lesson Activity Toolkit - Quick Reference

Feedback Form

Sites for use with the SMART Board (Special Needs)

Are You A.D.D. ?So am I :)

Here are some SMART Board challenges (via YouTube)
(lots more on YouTube than what I'm linking to)

A tutorial on Active Alignment