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Audio Productions

Ben D from Harbour View (Dec 2017)

Tanner M from Souris, PEI (Dec 2017)

Danielle D from Southern Vic (November 2017)
Radiate Positivity

I forget who (November 2017)

Sawyer D

Emily C from Rothesay High (May 2017)
Mr. Copper's Corpses

Jane M from Harbour View (May 2017)
PSA for the Breakfast Club at Harbour View

Rylie M from Sugarloaf (May 2017)
Product Placement in the show "The Life of Riley"

Aaron P from Fredericton (May 2017)
SPCA Commercials

Ryan P from JMArmstrong in Salisbury (April 2017)
An original song, recorded by Ryan and produced with Mixcraft

Jacob L from Simonds (April 2017)
The Top Ten Bosses to Kill in Runescape

Tyler W from Sussex (April 2017)
The Three Little Pigs, read by Tyler's Sister

Christy B from Tantramar (April 2017)
(97.3 KISS FM)

Toby B from Saint Mary's Academy (April 2017)
Jayco Auto Insurance (radio commercial)
Toby's Mattress Palooza (radio commercial)
McDoodles - You Snooze You Lose (radio commercial)

Alyssa H-J from Nackawic (Jan 2017)
Three radio commercials
Kyle C from Simonds (Jan 2017)

Juliet B from St. Stephen (Jan 2017) poems

Victoria B-B from Sir James Dunn (Jan 2017)
The Hobbit Smaug and Bilbo

Craig C from Sir James Dunn (Jan 2017)
Animal shelter commercial

Tanner R from Fundy High (Dec 2016)
Radio Commercial for "Kid Box"
Radio Commercial for "Moody Kitty"
Radio Commercial for Murray Funeral Home
Radio Commercial for Spicy Belt
Radio Commercial for FMHS News
Radio Commercial for Kids vs the Media

Julie F from Montague (PEI) (Dec 2016)
Radio Commercial for Bland
Radio Commercial for Life Control
Radio Commercial for Scribble
Radio Commercial for Ship Chip
Radio Commercial for Stuffies

Ryan H from St Macs (Dec 2016)
Call-in Radio Show Trivia

Alex L from Sir James Dunn (Dec 2016)
Radio Commercials x 5

Matthew S from Simonds High (Dec 2016)

Tanner C from Simonds High (Dec 2016)
Radio Commercial for Animal Tracks
Radio Commercial for Clip-able Wallet
Radio Commercial with a Dramatic Narrator
Radio Commercial for the HB Mark 2 Pencil
Radio Commercial for the Personal Printer

Ethan P from Sir James Dunn (Dec 2016)

Nick L from Moncton High (June 2016)

Tessa B from St Macs (June 2016)

Brittany R from Tantramar Regional (June 2016)

Evan from Belleisle Regional (Apr 2016)
A tribute to Gunsmoke

Emily from Belleisle Regional (Dec 2014)
Christmas at the Valley Petting Zoo Commercial
Christmas at the Valley Mall Commercial
Downtown Dance Club Commercial
Imperial Theatre Commercial
Valley Learning Institute Commercial

Luke M from Woodstock High (Dec 2014)
Superman Scenario

Luke W from Woodstock High (Dec 2014)
Soccer Match Commentary

Trying to Remember who this belongs to
Really Good Song

Michael S from Fredericton High (Dec 2014)
Beach Resort Commercial
Quality Christmas Trees Commercial
Power Zoo Commercial
Solar Car Repair Commercial

Isaiah from Belleisle Regional (Dec 2014)
Skiing Scenario

Kyle from Stanley High (Jan 2015)
Through the Old Looking Glass - Story

Ally from Simonds High (Jan 2015)

Alex from Fundy High (Jan 2015)

Erika from St. Malachy's High (Jan 2015)

Erin from Caledonia Regional (May 2015)

nvironment PSA - BP Oil Spill
Colin from Tobique (June 2015)

Andrea from Stanley High (Dec 2015)

Vivek from St. Malachy's High (Dec 2015)

Aiden from Harbour View (Dec 2015)