World Issues M3A2
Here is an example of a M3A2 PowerPoint assignment.
Since the number of slides that you can use are pretty much unlimited, why condense a ton of information on one slide? Spread it out. Make it interesting.Is this topic developed fully? Generally, yes. Is it engaging? Somewhat. Interesting facts on a few slides would have been more engaging.The information is well organized. So this student would have earned about 18/20 on the "Content and Organization" part.
Presentation: Is the text clear and easy to read? Yes, but it would have been better with more slides, and less text per slide.Visuals are used throughout - while you don't necessarily need an image on each page, it would have been an improvement to include relevant images onslides that have a lot of text... otherwise reading it is like "bla bla bla" and you tune out.So, presentation, I would have been comfortable giving a 4/5 because of the effort involved by the student.
It's always good to have several sources of information. Referring to one or two sources is inadequate. Always consult several sources tovalidate the information presented. Don't be afraid of adding small-text footnotes at the end of individual slides. For grammar and referencing, I wouldhave been comfortable giving this student a 4/5 (mostly because of the lack of "works cited")... poor grammar or spelling would yield a lower mark.
So generally, this assignment would have scored 26/30 - and I think that I mark generously. And this was one of the better ones.M3A2-Rubric.png